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"In modern times, necessity isn't the mother of invention rather Laziness is....."


Statistics say, It's normal for a human being to feel idle or lazy 20% of the non-sleeping hours i.e. 3 hours on an average.

So, how do we do something interesting while still being lazy.

Just grab a cup of coffee and log in to Lazybakra.com. Hey! wait a minute. It seems you have already logged in but you haven't grabbed your cup of coffee, or have you? Are you hiding it from us, not letting us know the calories you are taking? Just kidding...

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We can sense you have good writing skills (you don't !! Anyways who cares).
Go to blogs, select a topic and put down what you feel. Share it with people on multiple social forums. Also start a discussion with the members of this page. We always prefer subjects which ignites a friendly fight. Don't use abusive comments though, else we have hired the services of Bryan Mills


"I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you think you can abuse and get away, you are wrong. I will look for you, I will find you."


Just kidding, abusive comments will be taken down by admin.

Visit our Reviews section and review a movie or a restaurant or a mobile or emerging technologies or anything that comes to your mind. Share it with people on multiple social forums and start a discussion with the members of this page.

Hey, wait!!!

I am too lazy for all these things. I just want to know what's happening around me. What can I do?
Go to the News & Events section and start digging them down. Simple, isn't it?

Happy Lazing around!!!

This is a beta version and we are still working on it. Our ears are always open for your suggestions and feedbacks. Please, write to us @ thelazybakra@gmail.com.